Are recruitment technology solutions enhancing the candidate experience? Or are they limiting your chances of finding the right people?

We partnered with Trendence UK to survey 1,398 graduates about exactly this. We wanted to find out if the application of technology in the recruitment process (through online skills-based assessments, video interviews, VR-based assessments and chatbots) allowed candidates to present ‘the best of themselves’.

The results were fascinating:

  • Some technology made them worried
  • Some made people think less of the company using it
  • Some was misunderstood
  • Some had just never been heard of before

What’s more, feedback – such a staple when it comes to creating a two-way conversation with candidates – was seen as an area of concern across much of this new technological landscape.

There’s no doubt that technology can enhance the candidate experience whilst increasing direct sourcing efficiencies for your company.

Getting it right depends on thoroughly understanding both the technology and the audience. This report takes a look at how and where innovative technology meets candidate expectations. Download here