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29th November 2023
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Inside Stories

There are lots of great external employer brands, and a few great internal ones, too. But all too often they’re not joined up. This leaves organisations in danger of alienating hires and of missing out on opportunities to inspire engagement.

That’s why we launched our employee engagement communications service, Blackbridge Engage at The Ivy, Covent Garden and introduced our new Head of Engagement, Elizabeth Bryant.

The event was an opportunity to show how Blackbridge Communications can support organisations with their engagement strategy, as well as the perfect occasion to enjoy festive food and drinks in the private room of the iconic Ivy restaurant.

Sam McAlister, BAFTA nominated BBC producer, joined us as keynote speaker, sharing the inside stories from her career.

Liz shared her point of view on successful employee engagement inside organisations, including:

  • Great engagement starts with empathy and real employee advocacy – it’s crucial to understand your employees and what they care about, as well as appreciate how your communications will land
  • Effective engagement is fuelled by clarity – be clear on what you want your employees to do and make sure they are able to deliver on these requirements
  • Creativity is crucial – entertaining employees, moving them, or inspiring them will have the biggest impact
  • Creating for digital channels inside your organisation matters more than ever with the hybrid working landscape
  • Applied psychology is a rigorous approach to engagement and brings surprisingly pragmatic solutions

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Date & time

29th November 2023


The Ivy, West Street

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