Early Careers: A Turning Point? Looking to 2024 and beyond

14th December 2023
Insight & events

What does the future look like for early talent? How is the landscape changing and what impact will this have next year and in years to come?

December’s GTI Breakfast News was an opportunity to hear from industry leaders on the future of early careers. The seminar explored a range of topics that are critical to early talent recruiters and was an opportunity to find out more on early talent trends, hiring challenges and ideas that will impact the future.

The event featured Blackbridge’s Head of Employer Brand, Mike Hanbidge, alongside the ISE’s Stephen Isherwood, HSBC’s Glen McGowan, futurist K D Adamson, Declan Curry, Shoshanna Davis and senior leaders from GTI.

These industry experts set the scene, explored new ideas and gave insightful answers to the challenging questions that lie ahead.

Key take-aways:

  • Declan Curry’s demographic outlook suggesting employers will need to consider an older workforce in years to come
  • Stephen Isherwood’s focus on the move towards total talent as part of future hiring strategies
  • Blackbridge’s Mike Hanbidge explored the future of comms and things to consider in early talent recruitment over the coming years
  • Futurist K D Adamson reminded us of the purpose of business being in the spotlight for early talent

Watch the full event here.




Date & time

14th December 2023

Hear what our speakers had to say on the day: