For a brand that’s the polar opposite of ordinary, we wanted people who could take customers away from the humdrum of everyday to somewhere, well, more magical.

Virgin Holidays is an iconic, luxury brand. However, when it came to its high street stores, not only was there a low awareness of the brand, its high-end essence wasn’t reflected in the sales candidates it was attracting.

It was time to try a totally different approach.

Our solution had to get across the luxuriousness of the holidays while targeting a knowledgeable, entrepreneurial and imaginative audience – people who could fuel the dreams of Virgin’s customers.

After speaking to teams in a number of Virgin Holidays concessions, we built up an accurate picture of the role, the brand and the qualities the company was looking for. With that in mind, we developed a concept that was all about creating magic on a dreary high street, every single day.

When our first ad appeared in the Fenland Citizen, it attracted 125 applications in just three weeks (whereas previous adverts had attracted 14 applications over four months, with none of the applicants actually hired). This time all three roles were filled from a strong shortlist of 26 candidates. This was such a marked improvement that a national rollout of the ads soon followed.

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