Together we can

The challenge

Vodafone had a new, global corporate brand. Next they needed an employer brand that aligned and gave them an edge in talent attraction around the world.

Our approach

The Vodafone/Blackbridge team had just twelve weeks to deliver. Engaging with stakeholders from Vodafone globally, we debated branding approaches, collated insights, analysed audiences and workshopped copy. Creative fine-tuning ensured launch assets were both marketing-aligned and attractive to a wide range of talents.

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Developing the EVP

Vodafone’s new corporate brand statement – ‘Together We Can’ – proved a great starting point for the employer brand. Other considerations included Vodafone’s transformation from a telecoms company to a tech comms company – language and imagery needed to evolve to reflect this. To satisfy the global remit, we needed to supplement the core EVP with proof points for each market, skillset and demographic.

Brand Playbook

Our Playbook set out the thinking behind the employer brand and gave clear guidance as to how it should be applied. We also developed a Toolkit full of editable templates to support recruiters and other employer brand champions.

Launching this exciting new EVP

A series of short, shareable social films and a longer launch film helped build engagement across markets. We also helped Vodafone deliver an internal competition where employees produced their own EVP-themed images, creating authentic assets in a socially distant way.

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Bringing it to life

Our activity culminated in a radical makeover of Vodafone's global careers website. We also helped develop eye-catching internal communications materials.



This project was multi-layered, time-sensitive and stakeholder-heavy. It called for high levels of creativity, collaboration and communication. It was delivered on time and to the satisfaction of key stakeholders. The new employer brand’s already proved itself to be a sound bedrock for a number of big talent initiatives.

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