In late 2012, change management was one journey Transport for London couldn’t take alone. So they asked us to come onboard, and provide a framework for managers that made the process far more streamlined.

When we began working with Transport for London (TfL) in late 2012, their latest employee opinion survey showed that nearly a third of managers felt they didn’t have the information or support they needed to manage change. It also flagged up that 75 per cent of people thought that change was managed badly.

In response, TfL created the Business Change Framework (BCF) – a set of tools that any manager could use when rolling out a change programme. Implement it well, and it could be a resource that helps them become a more streamlined and productive organisation.

We worked with TfL to help produce a home for these guidelines along with a set of useful communications. Following research and user training sessions, we created a ‘look and feel’ for the BCF, before creating a section on their intranet which guides users along their change journey. We even produced an animated infographic video to explain to users what the BCF is and why it’s needed.

As feedback continues to be collected, the BCF has been honed to become ever more user-friendly with content increasingly tailored to the individual. A term now in common usage within TfL, BCF is currently being used during the implementation of two major infrastructure projects.

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