To bring a travel icon bang up-to-date in the eyes of today’s new talents, we created a video that made a star out of the one thing you can’t go on holiday without. And we don’t mean a toothbrush.

Thomas Cook has an amazing heritage – they were behind the world’s first package holiday, for example – but now it was time to bring them into the digital environment.

Our challenge was this: to show how change has defined the business throughout its history, and to invite talented people to be part of the exciting transformations that will shape their success for years to come.

The video tells the story of the transformational environment at Thomas Cook, jumping from the past to the present to the future in a fun, entertaining way using a single item that everyone’s familiar with – a holiday suitcase.

The core message is about the opportunity to come and work for an established brand, but with the freedom and scope to do something different. Visually, stop-motion footage gives the film a quirky style that helps us to get across the fun and informal culture of the business.

Everyone who has seen the video says it resonates with them on a number of levels – it brings back memories of their own holidays, but also inspires them to want to create new memories for today’s holidaymakers.