One simple word defined our approach to improving teamwork and increasing respect among Southeastern’s employees – empathy.

With 3,800 people, 179 stations and some 570,000 passengers using their trains every single day, it’s vital for Southeastern to manage disruption effectively. And collaboration is always a key factor.

Our task was to create a video that would give Southeastern’s people insights on how they could best handle disruption as one unified team and minimise any impact on customers – educating employees without preaching to them.

The film had to encourage Southeastern’s people to recognise and empathise with their colleagues during a disruption, and to be more proactive in their approach. Put simply, we needed to instil a sense of teamwork, respect and personal responsibility.

For us, one creative approach seemed to push the right buttons. After all, what better way to get people to understand the difficulties disruption causes to other teams than to experience those difficulties themselves, first hand? Our job exchange video saw us filming people from different teams spending time with someone they’d interact with if and when disruption strikes.

The reaction to the film has been excellent, with people fully engaging with the message of improved communication, proactivity and respect. And because it’s seen as being so important to the organisation, it’s now also shown at the beginning of every induction session.

No wonder it was nominated for the Best Employee Engagement award at the 2015 RAD awards.

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