There are welcome packs and there are welcome-to-a-special-company-you-special-person packs. When we set out to provide Sony Music with the latter, we quickly found the right groove.

For a label that’s put out records by everyone from Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston and One Direction, Sony Music didn’t give new starters anything that told them what a special company they’d just joined.



There was no employee handbook, no background information on their illustrious 125-year history – nothing to press home their employer brand when people are at their most receptive.

The challenge they set us? Fill this gap.

A new direction

The company’s people are a diverse bunch, but there’s one thing they all share: a passion for music. So we suggested something that was culturally spot-on and totally aligned to their brand – a CD boxset showcasing the back catalogue and current artists as well as the employee benefits on offer. A fold-out map, meanwhile, would help new starters navigate both Kensington High Street and their own offices.

Since the boxset could be produced by Sony Music’s own factory in Germany, the £10k budget could be spent on creating creative and compelling content rather than manufacturing costs.

Has it worked? Well, after it was dropped on people’s desks, there was overwhelmingly positive feedback on the boxset’s design and content. What’s more, Sony Music’s Global Head of HR has seized upon what was originally meant to be a London-only project and is rolling it out across the entire business.

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