Shepherd’s Bush Housing Group has hundreds of people working at lots of different sites. To us, there was only one way to get them all talking – by creating a new kind of space, called ‘My Place’.

At the Shepherds Bush Housing Group (SHGB), hundreds of people work across all sorts of different sites. In a business where a cohesive communications strategy is a key priority, that presented a challenge.

The answer? An innovative new platform that would harness the power of social media and speak to the younger demographic – people who weren’t engaging with the more traditional channels. We worked with the Group to develop an internal social network that the team there could take real ownership of. Using the information we’d gleaned from in-depth focus groups, we created ‘My Place’ – a social networking platform with a bespoke structure and design.

Once we’d built the network, we needed to promote it. We did that by producing a video for internal teams as well as presenting the new network to the entire organisation.

The uptake has been impressive, with 70 per cent of the Group’s people using the site every day. Awareness of the Group’s activities has never been higher, and it’s also encouraged people throughout the organisation to talk to each other face to face.

It’s been successful on another level too – achieving a CIPD RMA nomination for Best Internal Communications.

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