A leading casual dining chain had the data it needed to refresh their values – but required experts to translate it into something meaningful.

PizzaExpress wanted to reinvent their values. And they were serious about it. Internally, they organised a comprehensive process that took onboard the views and aspirations of a thousand of their key people.

The big challenge arose when it came to distilling the research results into something usable. They had any amount of quotations and ideas, and grouping them into themes wasn’t a problem. But how could they best name those themes – and how could they ensure those themes translated into desirable behaviours?

Blackbridge analysed the data and suggested grouping it into six values consisting of single words, all of which were easily understood and could feasibly form part of PizzaExpress’s operational language. We also crafted a series of ‘descriptors’ for each of the values, simple sentences that enlarged on the words to ensure that the meaning couldn’t ever be lost in translation.

We even extrapolated the thinking into a new vision for the organisation: A world made happier by pizza.

Pizza Express also engaged us to help embed the values in the business. Besides a desk-drop containing a values-related quiz, we also worked with the team to redesign a portfolio of appraisal documents, all of which encouraged appraisees to consider their work in the light of the new values.