Paddy Power and Betfair – two of the biggest names in betting and online gaming –  recently announced their merger. In the late summer of 2016, they asked us to create an attraction campaign for the emerging talent audience.

Diversity was a big concern. Sports betting is often seen as a ‘laddish’ industry and we had to create a campaign that would help them attract more female applications. Stereotypical masculine, football-orientated imagery, for example, was off the table.

But perhaps the biggest challenge was time. From concept to completion, we had to get the whole campaign – which included brochures, exhibition stands, giveaways and a website – delivered in less than four weeks.

Instead of presenting the merger as a ‘title clash’ between two opposing sides, we instead presented it as the creation of a dream team: “Think Ronaldo and Messi. Serena and Maria. Flintoff and Warne”. The message for graduates was clear: “working for us will be like working for a fantasy team.”