Lloyd’s of London is the world’s leading specialist insurance hub, but when it came to attracting graduates, students and school leavers, they had some difficulty communicating what exactly they did.

They also found it difficult to break down some of the external perceptions that clung to them: namely that they had an out-dated and non-diverse culture.

Lloyd’s of London came to us for an original, creative campaign that would help  them not only attract apprentices, interns and graduates, but also highlight the fascinating, niche work they do and debunk the myths about them and the wider insurance industry.

Everyone is familiar with insurance, but most people see it as boring. We wanted to excite the audience about a career in insurance, so we had to disrupt people’s attitudes to it.

We did this by taking pedestrian insurance phrases and contextualising them in the Lloyd’s marketplace. For example, travel insurance was transporting ten elephants across the Atlantic, while contents insurance was insuring priceless artworks.

Because Lloyd’s cover extraordinary risks on an ordinary, day-to-day basis, we also came up with the line: extraordinary is our ordinary. Overall, the concept presented the insurance industry (and more importantly Lloyd’s) as an exciting place to work, while clarifying the specialist work Lloyd’s do.

When the campaign was rolled out across online and offline collateral, Lloyd’s received 33% more applications for their apprentice, internship and graduate schemes. There was also a noted improvement in the quality of candidates making it to assessment.

We were a new team, we needed to come together quickly to achieve good outcomes and I’m pleased to say that we did so – achieving outstanding results. Feedback on the campaign internally has been excellent too. Everybody loves the visuals and the way we’ve made the links to what Lloyd’s do in a really accessible way.


“Blackbridge have been true professionals throughout the whole process and it’s been a very positive experience. We’re already looking to next year’s campaign and excited by the innovative ideas we’re being presented with.”