KPMG tasked Blackbridge with producing a different kind of creative campaign to help them recruit 1,000 of the best graduates. They wanted us to develop general messages to appeal to a broad range of graduates, as well as targeted messages to attract people to each of KPMG’s core service streams: Technology, Audit, Advisory, Tax and Central Services.

Each creative execution had to communicate the selling points of the different streams and appeal to millennial audiences. And because we were also one of the first agencies to interpret KPMG’s new brand, the firm’s stakeholders were particularly keen to ensure each of our executions reflected it effectively and complied with a strict set of guidelines and technical parameters.

We also had to ensure all our work complemented KPMG’s diversity agenda, and encouraged more female applications.

The result was a toolkit including: creative guidelines, conceptual adcepts for the different streams, brochure designs and templates for posters, flyers, social media posts, digital banners and HTMLs.

Although the campaign is still in its early stages, it’s already had a lot of positive feedback from internal stakeholders. We also had good results when we tested the work with existing KPMG graduates, which shows it’s set to resonate well with its target audience.