The future may be bright for E.ON, but there were many graduates out there who didn’t know it. So we decided to show them how the company’s aiming to provide solutions to the world’s energy problems – and how they could be a part of it.

Energy is rarely out of the headlines and E.ON wanted to show graduates that by helping to develop the energy sources of the future, they’d have the chance to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Running across diverse media, including adverts, brochures and online collateral, our “If not you, then who?” campaign challenged the audience to join E.ON in tackling the world’s energy problems.

Where this idea really came to life was in our immersive on-campus experience. ‘The Room of the Future’ represented a sitting room from 2020, complete with the flickering lights caused by an erratic energy supply, and a TV news bulletin outlining the havoc caused by climate change. Halfway through, the news report changed to show an alternative reality – where innovations in delivering sustainable energy have resulted in a better future for all.

The results surpassed expectations. The campaign attracted 25 per cent more applications than the previous year’s and the calibre of candidates was so high that not only was the graduate scheme full, but a number of other roles across the business were also filled by graduates.

To get such a great response in terms 
of applications and quality has been fantastic – the difficulty is selecting our graduates from so many talented people. It’s a nice problem to have!