Compass Group is the UK’s largest food and support service firm, recruiting 60,000 people in the UK alone. They offer a huge range of early careers opportunities, from business and retail programmes to their chef academy.

Compass wanted to expand its apprenticeship scheme, and pledged to increase its intake from 500 to 1,500. The next challenge was to get the word out. They asked us to bring their new and expanded apprenticeship scheme to a wider audience and showcase their huge range of early careers opportunities.

We developed a concept that put Compass Group’s people centre stage. We used the strapline ‘It’s the start of something big’ to emphasise how Compass apprenticeships allow people to build real, long-term careers – and make the most of their abilities.

We also created campaign collateral that mimicked the style of film posters, from their distinctive typography and layout, to their stylised, close-up people shots. We also created a video in the style of a movie trailer, entitled ‘The Job’. It was about getting together an expert task force from a range of different Compass early careers schemes and bringing them together for one big job.