Capital One was on a mission to make finance simpler. So how do you create a graduate campaign that spreads the word – making a sector that often feels intangible and difficult to relate to more human? Most of all, how do you attract higher quality candidates whilst simultaneously reducing applications?

The bold creative concept, ‘Humanising Finance’, demystified the Capital One brand for early talent from all backgrounds, showing the direct impact graduates could make on people’s lives. From programmatic advertising, to a roving on-campus coffee van that also ran a data-capturing prize draw, this campaign raised Capital One’s profile by creating experiences through channels they’d never used before.

The campaign achieved a 1,321% increase in clicks year-on-year. This was thanks in part to the fun, vibrant creative – the look and feel definitely went against the grain for the sector – and was also down to our highly targeted media spend. It resulted in hundreds of prize draw entries and the company receiving more applications more quickly than ever before.

Tellingly, the conversion rate from intern to graduate more than doubled – showing that those who applied were exactly the talented, engaged applicants Capital One wanted.

From 13,000 applications, Capital One have filled all their roles – including some niche roles that have traditionally been far harder to fill.

The student feedback to the campaign demonstrated the humanising effect in action: “It feels real.” “Personal and authentic.” “Easy to understand and enticing.”