After discovering A2Dominion’s four golden rules of internal communication, we decided the best way to help this leading house developer was to break them. All of them.

The A2Dominion Group is one of the country’s leading providers and developers of high-quality homes. Following on from the launch of a highly successful and award-winning engagement programme, called ‘Doing more’, the housing association wanted to launch a second phase.

While phase one had been all about relaying issues about change to their people, who are spread across many different offices, the aim of phase two was to get them communicating better with one another.

The initiative began with some company research. We asked employees what areas of communication worked well, which worked badly and what could be done to improve them. From our analysis of their feedback, four golden rules emerged. People wanted to see more face-to-face talking, less use of the cc email, more respect shown when communicating, and a quicker response to emails – ideally within 24 hours.

What better way to get people to remember these rules than to break them all? So we created four humorous characters, each of whom personified a negative behaviour which A2Dominion was eager to eradicate.

The four characters proved a highly engaging and effective way of communicating these messages. Meanwhile, managers and staff alike have noticed a marked decrease in the four ‘bad’ methods of communication, something that’s had a positive effect on efficiency and morale within the company.

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