Planning communications that increase understanding, promote buy-in and result in a smarter, more productive team.

Some organisations struggle with engagement communications. (Surprisingly often, there’s no clarity around whose job it is to deliver them – HR, internal communications, Marketing or ‘the line’?)

We plan on-going engagement communications, generally grounded in research. Typically, we begin with an organisational strategy, and work out how best to use it as an engagement tool. We also understand that online channels often aren’t the answer. We’ve worked with retailers and manufacturers long enough to know that, when people aren’t staring at computers all day, the last thing you want to do is send out an e-mail.

The launch went really well and 85% of people signed up in our division. We asked people to upload pictures representing our values and had hundreds of entries. I’m really looking forward to rolling out the Loop across our other two divisions so that we can become a true globally-configured network.

Gretal Hunnerhup, Head of Internal Communications at STA Travel

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