Building an employer brand is the best way of ensuring you’re marketing to your strengths, and keeping all your recruitment stakeholders on brief.

Typically, we build employer brands that focus on Employer Value Propositions. (‘EVPs,’ for the uninitiated, are the reasons why good people should want to join your organisation.) The EVP development process usually involves research streams such as focus groups, director-level interviews and one-to-ones with your better recruitment consultants.

We can build brands for big employers (such as multinationals) or mini ones (such as parts of organisations, or start-ups.) But whatever the project, the key deliverable is a message set that will do great things to your hiring metrics – the closest thing recruitment has to a silver bullet.

Blackbridge helped Redrow develop our EVP and Employer Brand as well as re-launch our careers website. They were great people to work with, as well as being very professional and passionate about delivery. We continue to work with them on an ad hoc basis and would happily recommend them for similar work.

Heather Bowness - Group Human Resources Manager at Redrow Homes

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