Empowering employees

Delivering a seamless candidate experience

Our goal was to build an experience that would appeal to the brightest minds, captivating & motivating those interested in a career at Aviva, and shift perceptions of the organisation through rich, engaging and immersive content.


Understanding our audiences' motivations

Insight was behind every move we made. We built a team of experts to inform, define and develop a strong, compelling EVP with a confident message at its core.

Bringing the culture to life

Our focus was to show, not tell, people what it was like to work at Aviva. We created a suite of images featuring real employees at work that succeeded in breathing life and personality into the website. The new design delivered authenticity at its core, and felt true to the working culture at Aviva.

Creating an eye-catching experience

To enhance the user experience, we introduced cinemagraphic imagery which added intrigue and interest to the user by bringing Aviva’s employees to life with the smallest movements – a strand of hair on a shoulder, a flutter of a leaf in the grass.

A focus on the user

We undertook a full custom integration with Aviva’s applicant tracking system (Workday) that allowed us to display roles to our audience in context, enabling users to quickly and easily identify opportunities relevant to their needs.


The big idea

This tone had to stand out in a crowded market. It had to be bold and different. The new website read like a message from a good friend – it was relatable, personable and excited for the road ahead.

Breaking down stereotypes

It was important that flexibility was key. The site needed to grow and adapt as the needs of the business changed. A modular approach ensures Aviva are able to promote key content quickly and easily, such as the example below, sharing Aviva's belief that anyone could, and should consider a career in tech.

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The results

Aviva’s new careers website has been a resounding success. The tone, imagery and creative content delivery has set Aviva up for the future, building on their 300 year heritage as a brand of choice for both customers & employees.


Users - 33% increase year-on-year


increase in pages viewed per session


increase in average session duration

This is absolutely fantastic – what a great site for our people. Thank you! Darren Cornish | Director: People Operations

I LOVE it!!! The language is great and I love the images, ticks every box for me… Kim Lynn | Aviva People Function

Well done all, we love the site and we have been using the copy as an exemplary Aviva tone example. Aviva brand team

Huge credit to all involved – nice to see not only the aesthetics working in harmony but also the technical features working well. Overall package is something to be proud of! Tom Smith | Public websites AEM, Framework & MyAviva Hub team

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