Springtime for your employer brand

14th March 2024
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It’s been a couple of years since you launched your employer brand. How can you refresh it without going through the whole rigmarole?

Let’s say your employer brand has been in place for a couple of years. There’s no great appetite for change. But it would help to know which, if any, tweaks need to be made, and to check the brand’s applicability against today’s market and direction of business.

In other words, a makeover rather than a rebuild. An update, not a rewrite. And certainly nothing that requires rounds of budget meetings.

What we’re suggesting is a brand refresh that impresses you and your leadership by being focused, data-led and cost-effective.

The joys of BrandSpring

BrandSpring is a Blackbridge-owned product that, like spring itself, is all about painless reinvention. It’s for organisations that want to know how to tweak their employer brands, possibly halfway through the brand cycle.

It’s a four-week process. In Week One, Blackbridge hosts an online client workshop, where we explore factors in the brand landscape that might have changed. Is the organisational strategy the same as when the brand was launched? Has the parent brand changed? Has a competitor usurped any of your brand territories? We also analyse up to four of your closest recruitment competitors.

In Week Two, we complete research into the views of up to 100 of your employees. Via an AI-enabled platform, we check that the employer brand is still consistent with the organisation’s employment experience.

In Week Three, we reconvene the workshop and report back on the research. What changes seem to be needed, and how could they be delivered?

In the fourth and final week, we deliver a report that includes research findings, a revised employer brand framework and further recommendations on how you can increase your ROI on the brand as an attraction tool.

A BrandSpring in your step

BrandSpring is one of a number of employer brand methodologies developed by Blackbridge. To find out more and to see whether any are right for your organisation, contact either Andrew Baird or Mike Hanbidge at hello@blackbridge.co.uk.


14th March 2024

Andrew is Director of Consulting at Blackbridge Communications