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6th August 2020
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We presented a webinar that explored arguably the biggest issue in workplace culture today. Covid-19 saw a vast increase in homeworking and many employees were reluctant to go back to the office. With workforces continuing to be scattered, how on earth can we engage employees and candidates?

A poll taken in this webinar showed that, in terms of remote engagement, respondents were worried about team spirit (45%), productivity (25%) and job satisfaction (15%).

The issues that we covered were:

  • What are the data projections relating to homeworking?
  • What are the big challenges in engaging a remote workforce, and how do you overcome them?
  • What are the challenges in attracting candidates into remote roles?
  • How will internal engagement functions need to change in order to meet the ‘new normal’?

Watch the video of our event to learn more.


6th August 2020

Find out more by watching the video below.