To attract the best and brightest for Vodafone, we took time out with their team to find out what makes their world turn – and we didn’t come away disappointed.

It’s one of the UK’s largest and most innovative technology businesses – but to stay vital, they need to keep attracting the best and the brightest. They came to us to plan, manage and create their UK graduate campaign for 2014/15. We happily accepted, and took care of every aspect – from media planning and a brochure to exhibitions and a website.

We set out by spending time with Vodafone’s global team to fully understand their key messages – the most salient of which was the opportunity to do proper work on cutting-edge technology projects. After testing this on a local level with some UK graduates, we adapted the messages to resonate with the specific projects and programmes they’d encounter on their home-grown scheme.

Did all of our hard work, work? You bet. It delivered the 80 graduates Vodafone wanted – the largest number they’d ever attempted to recruit through a single campaign. Indeed, its success has prompted the company to increase the number of graduates needed for next year to 120.

We can’t wait.

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