When Vodafone went looking for some of the hardest-to-find technology talents, it became clear a very different kind of platform was needed – the kind which trains pull into.

It’s one of the UK’s largest and most innovative technology businesses. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always easy for Vodafone to attract the country’s best tech talent to its Newbury campus – a hub of first-to-the-future ideas and innovations.

Competition for this talent is fierce so it was vital that we went out with clearly defined messages that would articulate the Vodafone difference. Our research told us that there were three key sells that drive tech professionals to join Vodafone, and that make them stay: the fact that it has a modern site with fantastic facilities, the chance to be involved in some ground-breaking technology solutions and the opportunity to be part of one of the world’s biggest brands.

More often than not, this audience isn’t actively looking for a job. So they wouldn’t necessarily be aware that Vodafone ticks so many boxes. We had to find a way to make them sit up and take notice. How? By targeting disgruntled commuters at central London stations with an extensive campaign that put the Vodafone difference at the fore. Plus, a special Daily Telegraph technology supplement allowed us to reach beyond London, with a message created uniquely for people working in the regions.

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