Central London

You’re a fool. Why would you ever want to do something everyone thinks they can do? You write it. They change it.

You start a sentence with a conjunction. They say you can’t.

You come up with three distinct concepts. They want to turn them into one.

They don’t know how to do what you do though. Craft a sentence. Find the rhythm of the words. Speak the way your audience speaks. Capture the tone of a brand.

They don’t know how to dream up a concept from scratch. From nothing more than the same selling points everyone else – except us! – is using. But you do. You take the old and see it anew.

And then you combine it with experiential tech. With the latest digital trends. With some new social platform a 16-year-old in South London developed one morning whilst eating Frosted Shreddies.

And then you make it memorable.

So yeah, maybe you are a fool. But you’re just the kind of fool we’re looking for.

Interested? Send your CV and a link to your work to natashia@blackbridge.co.uk.