You’re a fool. Why would you ever want to do something everyone thinks they can do?

You pick one brand colour. They insist on using another.

You say you need bespoke photography. They say icons will do.

You come up with a load of original concepts. They suggest merging them all into one.

They don’t know how to do what you do though. Find the right typeface. Re-touch photos with love. Craft an image that speaks to people. Intuitively turn a great idea into a vibrant visual world.

They don’t know how to dream up a concept from scratch. From nothing more than the same selling points everyone else – except us! – is using. But you do. You take the old and see it anew.

And then you combine it with experiential tech. With the latest digital trends. With a new social platform some 16-year old in South London developed one morning whilst eating Frosted Shreddies.

And then you make it memorable.

So yeah, maybe you are a fool. But you’re just the kind of idiot we’re looking for.

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